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HUMANLY- Lighting Consultant.
"Save Your Energy"

Your expert for Lighting Projects, from Design to Implementation

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Who are we?

Dynamic light following the circadian cycle of the human body
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Human Centric Lighting


Humanly is an independent lighting consulting focusing its efforts on accompanying and meeting the needs of its clients at best price (either as a success fee or fee or at an hourly rate)

We provide complete solutions for lighting projects from design to implementation, and with a specific approach to how light affect the human body.

We Provide:

-Design and Simulations 

-Offer and Market Research 

-Project Management 


Our Added Values are:

 - We share the risk with you. We charge only based on success (if the project is granted).

- We work directly with manufacturers, without intermediates

- We are completely independent from equipment manufacturers and suppliers, in order to provide exclusively the most suitable solution for the project 

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Why us?


Most of customers require a complete solution , following the trends of the market, ensuring compliance with new standards and regulations. Know-How and experience in different fields is essential in today's industry 

An accurate design, management and evaluation of your lighting projects will bring many benefits to your company.

•Improve Corporate Image

•Save energy and cost for the customer

•Achieve customer expectations (Lux level, uniformity, quality)

•Delivery of accurate documentation

•No delay in project implementation

•Comply with norms and regulations

This is translated into loyalty and satisfaction of your current client, who will cause the effect of calling other potential customers.

Our focus



Until 200 years ago, 90% of our waking time was spent outside.

The Problem nowadays is that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors with electric lighting, which are affecting our physical and mental health, our wellbeing and even our productivity

To solve these problems, we need to control the light spectrum, making it dynamic during the day, balancing the desirable and undesirable impacts of light.

Light and darkness control hormone production, affecting a recently identified third receptor (460nm), as well as both the rods and cones – The ipRGC (Protein Melanopsin)

 Imagine coming back from lunch and feeling groggy. Instead of drinking coffee or some other caffeine stimulant, it may work to simply increase a fixture’s CCT and light level, which may help keep proper internal clock alignment 


If cost of energy is only 1% of the typical business operation costs, why do we concentrate on energy savings and not on having healthier, happier and more effective people?

Human Centric Lighting


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